Let’s talk about RAW… This is classical dynamic RTS, created in steampunk and noire stylistics,

with the ability to build and develop bases and manage huge armies.

RAW occurring in an alternate reality, roughly corresponding to the time between the two World Wars.

  • Don’t waste your time! Immerse yourself in a world torn apart by war, chaos and global terror, saturated with an atmosphere of insanity and despair! Here there are countless anomalies, and terrible monsters roam the earth, here vanity and greed sit side by side on the throne of civilizations, here the deadly biological catastrophe takes away reason and humanity, here the true truth about the universal evil is hidden …

  • This is just a crooked mirror of reality. But this is the most nightmarish and frightening appearance of real world. And only the bravest will survive here. All the rest will fall. Such is the payment in this other war – are you ready to pay such a price?

  1. History dates back to the origins of the birth of life on Earth – long before people, when the first stars were just being lit in the sky. And who knows – maybe it will end here and now?

  2. You are waiting for a hardcore “old school” real time strategy, with a lot of different characters, a huge selection of units and military equipment. Having revived all the old habitual features of the gameplay (like the standard mechanics of building and developing bases and fortifications, combined with the ripping of hordes of units and war machines) in an altered guise and with an updated graphics engine, we’ll create something unique and memorable! The sources of our inspiration are such games as:

– Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour

– Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

– War Front Turning Point

– Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

– Duna 2000

– No One Lives Forever 2

– BioShock Infinite

– Brothers in Arms – Hells Highway

– Iron Brigade

– Turning Point – Fall of Liberty


  •    So, what awaits you in this game? The enumeration of everything will take a very, very long time …
  •                                 therefore, we will dwell only on the most important!

The game will feature three main factions – the Alliance, Totenkopf and KRI, as well as two additional factions – the Rebel Resistance and the Cult of Stigmas.


  Of course, each faction will have distinctive features – both external and technological: the Alliance makes calculations for steam and diesel technologies; “Totenkopf” uses scientific achievements and all kinds of cybernetics; others will have enough fuse for inhuman experiments – so the backbone of their army is made up of genetically modified fighters. In any faction, unique heroes will be available for hire – five on each side of the conflict – that not only complement the gameplay with their unique abilities, but also change the course of the battle … and they adorn the plot with great brilliance! In the best traditions of RPG, heroes can be pumped and upgraded, choosing weapons, armor and even appearance for them. And this is not to mention the unique story for each character: after experiencing their experiences and deprivation – and perhaps fury and greed – the player will be easier to understand their motives, and in some cases direct righteous anger at enemy hordes.

Each hero is registered and equipped with everything necessary to not only surpass the role of a boring “soulless dummy”, but also be remembered for a long time by the player. For example, Avalon is a mighty fighter in a gas mask, carrying with him a huge war hammer. The tip of this terrible weapon is crowned with a special syringe, capable of deflating all the blood from a person. But if you introduced a burglar in the style of Jason Voorhees or the Boogeyman – we hasten to please you: Avalon is full of other aces in the sleeve. Absorbing someone else’s vital energy gives him the ability to teleport, telekinesis and temporary invulnerability. But every gift has a reverse side – and in the case of Avalon, this curse is vampirism. And for the sake of slaughter, he drags a multi-barreled pistol, a harpoon and chains-Avalon is a living example of the phrase “armed and dangerous.” Destroyer in the flesh!

  • However, factions differ not only in heroes, but also in basic units, technologies and levels of development. More than a hundred samples of all sorts of military equipment and aviation, partly based on both World Wars, partly inspired by “steampunk” and “sci-fi“, will be presented to the player in their entire grandiose and horrifying glory. Flying tanks, authentic fighters and bombers, airships and underground drilling rigs equipped with guns, giant “walking” tanks, crushing soldiers like ants, steam armored monsters like the destructive R1Rhino“, long-range howitzers and multi-barrel machine-gun turrets … in general, your inner dictator will be satisfied! And if this is not a huge choice, you will have a function with which you can design a unique tank or armored personnel carrier by installing there at least anti-aircraft guns, even automatic cannons, even a missile system, to carry justice on your own death machine!

  • As for units – then the fantasy is released to the full. Gene-modified clones are ruthless dwarfs armed with flamethrowers. The Nazi fighters, who nourish their unquenchable hatred, fight perfectly well in hand-to-hand combat – for this they have axes – and they shoot well, and are generally capable of standing up for themselves against any enemy. A special detachment of assassins “Gargoyles“, trained by the organization Totenkopf, equally owns the art of sword fighting, and shooting from noiseless crossbows, and even heavy fire from heavy machine guns. These ninjas were created for the sole purpose of killing the enemies of the Reich, and they cope with this task perfectly. And all this is just a small part of the variety of fighters that await you in the final release.

As in any self-respecting strategy, the RAW will have large-scale battles for resources – from vital oil to building materials for the construction of fortifications. The precious strategic platform for the preparation and planning of military operations will be the railway – by launching an armored train along it, you will not only provide yourself with a notable combat power, but you will be able to transport resources and ammunition without fear.

Lovers of mass destruction will also be pleased – blow up, break or disassemble the cogs probably almost everything: from residential buildings and plants to entire city blocks! Having commanded a tank column, you leave in the forest a long scar from fallen trees and stumps pressed into the ground. Forget the monotony of the landscape! Each card will be unique and unique – and sooner or later will turn red from blood or black from soot!

  1. For more involvement of the player in the world of the game, the cut scenes with live actors and gloomy stylization “under noir” will be filmed – these videos will not only disclose the story in detail and present its vicissitudes in a surreal setting, but also give the events the necessary level of drama and the right demonic atmosphere. A fantastic action movie with realistic characters – like a bonus to a fantastic real-time strategy!

  • For the correct sound of the game – from the grinding of the caterpillars and the clank of weapons, from the dying cries and to the growl of monsters – we created a unique acoustic library, which also found a place for music from all sorts of directions – from gloomy techno to heavy metal and hard rock.

  1. Using our rich experience in photography and having all the necessary equipment, we created an impressive library of high-quality 2K and 4K textures. And using the technology of 3D photogrammetry, we have accurately conveyed in the game recreated in reality models of weapons and unit outfits.

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  Locations and playable cards for the three classic

modes will be divided into 5 main zones:

  1 – Normandy: farms, small towns and settlements.

  2 – Jotunheim: the harsh mountainous terrain is dominated by eternal winter.

  3 – Victorian city: a megacity resembling London of the XIX century.

  4 – Port: an industrial area, dotted with factories and factories.

  5 – USA: in our history, America preferred to become the center of “steampunk”

The game is planned to be released on three main platforms: PC, XBOX and PS4. The Unreal Engine was chosen as the base engine – despite the fact that the original work was done on Unity 3D.

  Because of the excessive and off-scale cruelty, the game will surely be given a strict age limit of 12+“.

  In the game, many events and heroes will be demonstrated, referring both to real historical facts and to speculations based on the examination of documents from the times of the Second World War. Information on all this kaleidoscope of events we gathered from the most diverse sources, in order to get the ideal “mix” from reality and fiction on the way out.