You know, mates, the most horrible thing for any artist, art-designer or game developer is the lack of necessary stuff to transform our ideas into reality. When your place is not as huge as a football or a hockey stadium, but in your plans – no more than creating a whole post-apocalyptic wasteland, you just have to dodge like under the crossfire for the sake of achieving the goal.

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Anyway, we didn’t blunder before the difficulties – and builded a whole citadel, an indestructible creative stronghold for the making of our supernatural projects. The madness of our plans has paid off with interest by the hard work of our team. We developed images of future units and characters, spent a lot of time tailoring costumes and bringing trivial equipment, like hat-bowlers, similar masks and gas masks, to the level of something more colorful and impressive, something really creative.

Next, like mad scientists or insane tinkerers, we sat down for experiments with 3D photogrammetry – and all for the sake of accurately depicting the details created live, but transferred to the 3D universe. That was like trip to the Moon! For us, the main thing wasn’t to retreat before the difficulties – after all, from any dead end, there is a clever and competent way out, which will only improve the future game. On the fruits of our labors you can admire here – enjoy! And view our latest photos and videos of course!

OK, mates, I would like to tell a little more about the studio itself, and about what we made in the framework of the talented and creative project Woodlime. First of all – about main thing. The studio created as a stronghold of creativity, sharpened to create special effects and record quality, loud and shockingly realistic sounds. Moreover – the sound is exclusive, thanks to a huge base of our audio effects. We also have a small, but well-equipped video base (with everything necessary for working with 3D-technologies and live shooting, etc.) In our workshop, attached to the test base, we create unique costumes and prototypes of deadly weapons, and also impressive scenery, including blue screen.

At the moment, we have almost all (if not all) necessary equipment for the implementation of projects of any level of complexity! We are ready to throw ourselves creative challenges, without fear of failure, loose, and are ready to cope even with the most difficult and costly projects. We didn’t stop before, we don’t stop now, and we’ll never stop ever, because we are Woodlime!