Bubbles 2 new update 2019

Bubbles 2

new update 2019

We finally did release the long-awaited update in the new 2019.
In the new update, we carried out a number of technical works with the code and fixed some bugs related to the automatic selection of the language in the Bubbles 2.

What has been fixed in the update

✓- Language recognition system in the game

✓-Position and flight of the airship on the mini map

✓-Improved animation on some levels.

What we added to Bubbles 2:

✓ – New chips magnets inside the bubble

✓ – Two new types of super-weapons

✓ – New difficulty mode

If you had time to play the first part of the Bubbles game, then you remember that there were quite fast bubbles, but it was difficult for them to have time to burst, but at the same time, due to the speed and complexity of the game, the game had a bright dynamics and excitement to the score.


Magnets can be useful for example in adventure mode when passing a level in which you need to burst the necessary quantity of bubble with certain colors for a while. This is where the magnet comes in handy to speed up the appearance of the desired color of the bubble.


Two new types of super weapon shells, we added two types of Sanada; the first was a volley from a machine gun ocheridi, and the second type was fired by a shot from a magic cannon a laser beam of energy.

We try to regularly improve and update the game and we are glad that you actively take in the finalization of the game and offer your ideas! Your opinion is very important for us and we always listen to the opinion of the gaming community to make the game even more beautiful and fun.

Good luck friends and keep you magic!