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  • Bubbles 2 new update 2019


    Bubbles 2 new update 2019

    Bubbles 2
    new update 2019
    We finally did release the long-awaited update in the new 2019.In the new update, we carried out a number of technical works with the code and fixed some bugs related to the automatic selection of the language in the Bubbles 2.
    What has been fixed in the update
    ✓- Language recognition system in the game
    ✓-Position and flight of the airship on the mini map
    ✓-Improved animation on some levels.

    What …

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  • The process of creating a tank ride sound


    The process of creating a tank ride sound

    The process of creating a sound steampunk tank movement
     Today we will tell and show how we create sounds for our future game Reflection another war (RAW) by the example of the movement of caterpillar steampunk tank.

    The scheme for creating a realistic sound of steampunk tank caterpillars is extremely simple, the main thing is to have a clear representation of the final result and to have a visualized reference of the …

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  • The test shooting of dude, named Isotope


    The test shooting of dude, named Isotope

    In this mini-article, we would like to tell you a story about one of the three previous photoshoots in our studio, and share experiences and impressions. Only with you – and for free

    Ok, let’s do this… First of all, we invited a very wonderful person to our studio – Vladimir Gerasimoff, who was a best choice for several characters in our awesome game RAW. He was choosed to the role …

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  • Making costumes and decorations (part 1)


    Making costumes and decorations (part 1)

    First of all  a little bit of history …
    My very important mission – is dragging 3D-designed things into reality. Yeap! And you can hold them in your hands, or even use in shootings! Whoa!
     Having a pretty unique taste and a unusual vision, but lack of resources (like money or even time) and professional experience in creating all this stuff, I’ve had no idea how much it would change my life. It …

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  • When your pavilion is not so huge


    When your pavilion is not so huge

    You know, mates, the most horrible thing for any artist, art-designer or game developer is the lack of necessary stuff to transform our ideas into reality. When your place is not as huge as a football or a hockey stadium, but in your plans – no more than creating a whole post-apocalyptic wasteland, you just have to dodge like under the crossfire for the sake of achieving the goal.

    Anyway, we …

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  • The History of Bubbles-2


    The History of Bubbles-2

    The History of «Funny Magic Bubbles 2»

    One cold evening, when a snowstorm was raging outside the window, and hailstones were drumming through the window, my wife just asked – why we shouldn’t be inspired by this truely riot of nature? Replace the hailstones with bubbles, make them multi-colored, like “Skittles”, and begin to blast them on the fly! …

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  • Small world of Woodlime


    Small world of Woodlime

               Small world of Woodlime within one fateful exhibition ..         
     In the article about my biography and the thorny creative path (like long road to Heaven) from a children’s photographer to a game developer, you must have stumbled upon a paragraph about “Cinema Industry”. You’re unlikely to find a logical chain between that exhibition and a special unlikeable style of photography, which has …

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  • From reality to virtuality


    From reality to virtuality

    From reality to virtuality
    First of all, I would like to note that we are newcomers in the gaming industry, but (thanks to the great experience in the photo industry) we’re able to implement our plans and created most of the prototypes of ammunition and costumes for our future heroes.

    We spent about a week trying to create a clothes for the one of the main heroes of the game (named …

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