A fascinating world in which magic and technology go hand in hand, but not the “Warhammer”? The whole colorful universe, but not the “Marvel”? Travelers, suffering adventures – the gate to the fairy-tale lands are ready to swing open before you … Welcome to the realm of dreams

the name is   Funny Magic Bubbles 2  or simple  Bubbles 2! Look! The “Grand” airship is already bursting into the heavens! But who will become his passenger? Bubbles 2 is a game for the whole family, for a friendly company, and for principled singles! Well, where else can you enjoy not only the riot of colors, but also to try out the most powerful weapons, as if in a cosmopolitan? Bubbles and big guns – how does it even fit together? Download to your phone Bubbles 2 – and find out for yourself!

Lop the bubbles! Urine them from all guns! What, lethal force is not enough? Pull your faithful weapon to the highest heights! “Here is my rifle, here is my trunk!” – this is no longer true! Here is my big hurricane cannon – but the myriad bubbles that have long burst into heavy fire! Among them come and stuffed with explosives, and full of treasures – and who knows which one will fall for you?


Will you become a charred pile of bones or the richest warrior in this quirky world Bubbles 2 … I said to the world? That is, only one world ?! There are thirty-two of them! Thirty-two battlefields! Thirty-two calls to your reflexes! Are you ready to accept them all? .. But what good game will cost without a couple of bosses? And how to calm such scoundrels, if you do not have a large-caliber turret or a magic howitzer? Stop … at hand in Bubbles 2 they always will be! Uncover, charge – and fell without a miss! And okay, if it was limited to standard bullies … in Bubbles 2 you are waiting for a psycho, deadly and almost invincible Mega Boss! Where there Cyberdemon, Mental and even Satan! A giant all-devouring bubble with megalomania is the new trend in the world of mobile games!

Hordes … no, hordes … no, legions of bubbles rushing from the sky, like thousands of bombs tearing the earth apart! Challenge this madness! Improve your skills, train the reaction, become more than just an ordinary soldier without a family and name – become the Chosen Warrior on the path of destruction!

But what salvation of the world can do without diversity? In the end, whether you are at least three times Neo or Superman, even you will get tired of monotonously muting agents of the Smiths and Darkside’s henchmen! Here and in Bubbles 2 to burst the bubbles will have different ways! How do you like the idea of playing for a while, while your nerves are naughty, like a sapper in front of a ticking bomb?Or do you prefer the idea of annoying color-blinds, and start destroying bubbles of specific colors and sizes? Or maybe you are old-schooled, and there is no more exciting process for you than to cut yourself in an arcade mode? Damn it, what’s the difference? Get bubbles and burst pleasure on an unlimited scale! Although in fact the opposite, but you’re still here and still reading, instead of starting the game ?!


Bubbles 2 is ideal not only for fans to kill time for the catchy gameplay, but also for the children’s audience! Simply speaking, give your child an hour for Bubbles 2, and get a complete package of nishtyaks: from developed fine motor skills to stimulation of reflexes, not to mention concentration! Is not this an indicator of quality? And he is not the only one!





✓  No doubt the best game in its genre

✓  Recognized “timekiller” for an audience of all ages

✓  Intuitive gameplay with adjustable difficulty level

✓  Relaxing background music

✓  Stunningly bright style of the game

✓  A flexible system of settings for the most fastidious players

✓  Various achievements for trophy hunters

✓ Actually, the bubbles

✓  And, of course, weapons! Well, the little tyrant has already

stirred in the most secret and dark corners of your soul?

 We are constantly working to improve the game, and be sure

– when the bubbles fall from the sky, it is our players who will be

able to repel them! May the magic keep you, friends!

 Worlds Bubbles are waiting for their heroes …

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Waiting for you              


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