First of all  a little bit of history …

My very important mission – is dragging 3D-designed things into reality. Yeap! And you can hold them in your hands, or even use in shootings! Whoa!

 Having a pretty unique taste and a unusual vision, but lack of resources (like money or even time) and professional experience in creating all this stuff, I’ve had no idea how much it would change my life. It all started for me like an experiment – with a dull plastic make-up, and the creation of a self-made crossbow from a rude piece of wood and some camera details.


All the “trash”, that I’ve collected for a years, we used to create our own library of sounds and special effects. We ordered different hats and glasses from online stores, which served as the basis for future costumes and equipment of our heroes.

We made all the props and costumes from a very primitive material, but in the end, we’ve got very interesting things and details for future work.

“Thrash” and “steampunk” had a really huge impact on me. And now I can say just one thing – you never shouldn’t stop! Just make your dream come true!



After having a long way of thorns, and gained dozens of professions, I’ve managed to find myself a new hobby – I started to create my collection of costumes and various props of all styles.


For now, i have in my collection almost 40 varieties of masks, almost 30 types of costumes and more than 20 types of fake and sham weapons (but it still lookin’ deadly good).

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to replenish my collection, but when I’ll get a chance, I will definitely continue my hobby… And I will create! Create!

Good luck to all of you, mates! And don’t lose yourself in the hard seek of creativity and inspiration!