Small world of Woodlime within one fateful exhibition ..         

 In the article about my biography and the thorny creative path (like long road to Heaven) from a children’s photographer to a game developer, you must have stumbled upon a paragraph about “Cinema Industry”. You’re unlikely to find a logical chain between that exhibition and a special unlikeable style of photography, which has become a constant companion of my current work – but it is… barely noticeable, yet sturdy and ornate.

Now, I want to tell you about this a little more - and I hope you will spare your time, mates!

As befits a real artist, I’ve always tried to take everything in my hands. Props. Shining stars. Actor’s game. Passing the mood to the audience. I didn’t care for the distress, for all the same excitement – I lived these four days, breathed them, like someone, who drowning, trying to catch some oxygen. I arranged contests, gave master classes, and I was ready to pull a smile on my face every time the situation demanded it. Every. Goddamn. Time. I tried on a variety of images – and later this led me to the current creative path.


 Many things happened at that day! We get (with my team) so many experience! We shared our emotions as if bursting us with an explosion! A goddamn firework! Nuclear blast! Chain reaction! And we’re sure, that the splinters caught everyone, who was approaching that day at least a few meters to our entertainment site. Yeap, in this we believe, mates!

  That day was truly insane, but even more insane was our costumes. We presented to the audience a whole bunch of characters – from Indian shamans and stereotyped Mexicans to Charlie Chaplin and even post-apocalyptic dudes! Mad Max forever! Nuclear winter rules!

  And I, like the captain of a long voyage, walked around in the attire of Ostap Bender (famous Russian director) – and, damn it, I didn’t feel such feelings once! It was excitement, it was magic power! It was like knockdown! Having chosen the Pink Panther and Eric Cartman as our talismans, we naturally climbed out of the skin for four crazy days, so that no one would remain indifferent to our creativity.


That fatal exhibition left an indelible mark on my soul, and in my mind. Like an obsessive or a madman, I’ve begun to create unexplored worlds in my photographs – there noir was adjacent to a delusional fiction, there was deadly coolness and at the same time full of life and bright. There was beauty hidden under the shades of all colors, and there was the grandeur of the frame. I was striving for uniqueness – and achieved it. Just check out some sections in my site. Please, explore them – and you’ll find many interesting things.

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  Finally, I’d like to say only one thing: each of us has a creator in his soul. Inner sanctum of truly art.

  He can sculpt ice statues or form indestructible strongholds and castles from the sand.

  He can translate Shakespearean dramas into life or make bloody horror films of all insane genres.

  He can spend hours drawing crimson dawns and coffee-milk sunsets, or embroidering a complex pattern on a designer pullover or blouse.

  The main thing is to find a creator in yourself and challenge your own indecisiveness. Don’t stop at anything, like the bravest and boldest racers in the world. And then, the main prize will be yours.