The History of «Funny Magic Bubbles 2»

One cold evening, when a snowstorm was raging outside the window, and hailstones were drumming through the window, my wife just asked – why we shouldn’t be inspired by this truely riot of nature? Replace the hailstones with bubbles, make them multi-colored, like “Skittles”, and begin to blast them on the fly! “It would be fun,” she said… And it has appeared damn right.

Let’s be honest with you – we’ve tried to do unreal thing, having no funding, no any proper experience behind. Also, game projects were not exactly our stuff. But we didn’t give up, didn’t stop before the barriers. Do you remember, that dead ends are taught not to back off, but to break through the walls?..

 And we did one of the coolest game in the genres, like “timekillers” or “arcades”.

 First of all, even before this fateful conversation with my lovely wife, i (with my team, of course) created a whole universe of “Reflection”, filled of incredible and grotesque characters of all stripes. We used a lot of actors, we broke our brains over the hard plot, we created a lot of concepts and prototypes of our heroes. We took ideas from steampunk, space opera, post-apocalyptic, and started to work … Secondly, my enthusiasm became the fuel that allowed the rocket of our creativity fly into space and not tear apart.


From all this abundance, we’ve isolated the skeleton of the future game, taking as a basis the primitive gameplay in the style of “Tower Defense”… you know it, mates. And if in the beginning we’re going to spend on the development of the game only two months (!), soon we set ourselves terms almost to five God damn’ years! All we needed – is idea… Just one idea! And the bubble-invaders spark ignited the flame of the game! Yeah, so similar – and so hard…

 Funny Magic Bubbles 2

What we just didn’t mention in the game… There’s a whole arsenal of magical and super-powerful weapons of all types, and even a calculated trajectory of the falling bubbles, and really huge bosses, and a variety of locations… 



             Funny Magic Bubbles 2

 In the end, they all worked to the glory. To evaluate our works all you need to do – it’s just downloading Bubbles 2 to your phone and fully enjoy of great battle against bubbles!



I can say another one thing for sure – it doesn’t matter which project you want to create. Just make one step. The main thing is to do it not so much for the profit, but for the people who will play it. The rest thing is a dull formality.

          May the Force be with you … I mean, magic keeps you, mates!