Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble Challenge your friends and train your reaction ​

There is not only fun and dynamics

Multiplayer dynamic arcade game on Android and IOS platform


The project is in early development.

AThere is not only fun and dynamicsll that is required of the player is to burst the falling bubbles. Some are stuffed with gold, others are diamonds, others do not promise anything good. Just poke in the screen and burst, shovel, shovel! Under fascinating music, under colorful design, and with a whole set of upgrades! You will not only get an excellent discharge after exhausting hours at work, but you will be able to score your time in lines or waiting – after all, “Bubbles” are created only to entertain you, give you a mood and not put pressure on your brain! There are many similar games, but still “Bubbles” is one – and not only due to the diversity and sometimes unique design, but because of its ingenious simplicity! And if we add to this the fascination of the game process, which draws a lot of bubbles on the screen, it becomes clear why we are so keen to continue this project.

Bubble Trouble – Like her older brother will be absolutely free in all its senses! in the game there will be no paid content for real money. We try to create conditions for all our games as comfortable as possible and exclude all the irritating factors inside the game. Therefore, our projects are so tight in terms of time we pay a lot of time and attention to testing and processing many details and systems making the game as comfortable as possible for the game.