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When I look at this world, I see only a reflection of the burning earth covered with ashes, blood, chaos. Traces of shells under the legs of steel legions. Sky covered with smoke and soot. Black and Red phantom battalions decapitate the rulers and burn cities. The imposed philosophy of the false prophets dictates the order of things us turning us into slaves. Ancient poisons and another’s religion sweep through time and centuries spread like a plague. Tyrants and traitors will inflame a new merciless slaughter. Heroes, Tanks, airplanes and battlegrounds will mercilessly destroy each other by bringing down a barrage of fire and lead on enemies. And a new ancient all-consuming enemy will burst into our world from the depths of the universe. Where we come from and why we are here. Soon very soon, in reflection, we shall see the truth of our past and future. The truth is a completely different war. In which we have to fight. Commander save us all.