Welcome to the battlefield – Commander

Crush your enemies in online battles and capture enemy bases, territories and cities on the global map of the game. You will advance in the development of the faction, receive experience points and additional resources. Each of your achievements and victories is followed by a unique reward – unlocking and opening new rounds of development of your faction, increasing the combat power of units, new parts for supertank or ammunition for heroes.



  • Reflection Anather War will immerse you in the atmospheric world of man-made fiction, in which eras and styles intertwine.
    The game is filled with colors and contrasts that convey the diversity of the style of the whole game. You immerse yourself in the world of Steampunk, Retro-futurism, Victorianism and Dieselpunk.


Each of the five factions in the RAW has its own unique features and style of play, as well as a wide choice of specialized buildings and combat units heroes and history.



One of the most powerful and large-scale factions in the Reflection Anюther War is the Alliance, which consists of unions of many countries and peoples in a single global coalition, uniting military forces, resources and technology, which gave the Alliance not only a huge army and industrial superiority, but also extensive knowledge, and large-scale military power.

The goal of the Alliance is to take control of military technology and all the resources on the planet. The Alliance is governed by the Guild Council, which is headed by the founding fathers, who created the entire ideology of the Alliance.
The Alliance has a powerful ground army and an unrivaled air fleet consisting of fighters, airships and flying platforms.

The Alliance has relied on the development of the industrial age, developing and inventing hybrid machines and mechanisms. All equipment, mainly uses steam and diesel boilers and engines. The most complex electro-mechanisms made of expensive alloys of metal and gold. Inventors and engineers lead research centers and most military areas. The strength and power of the alliance are engineering and large-scale military power.

Lords of heaven and earth.

– Airships and flying fortresses

– Fighters – amphibians

– More massive multi-barreled tanks

– Giant mechanical spiders

– Knights with tesla cannons

– Soldiers with jet packs.

The Alliance has a powerful massive army that copes well with any kind of enemy, but is inferior in the development of technology and secrecy.

The main threat to world domination and the main aggressors is the faction of the Nazi Reich.


The Great Nazi Reich, under the leadership of the powerful super-secret organization Totenkoph, which owns powerful military forces and technology, transforming the Reich army into a super-advanced, technologically trained army of killers using bullet-proof armor and invisible camouflage.

Totenkoph did not count on the quality of technology and military power.


The goal of Totenkoph, is to prevent the spread of Alliance influence around the world and to preserve the advantages in the development of technology behind them.

Totenkoph scientists create all kinds of electro-plasma weapons and the latest metal alloys, which are used in the creation of military equipment, robots, stealth tanks and aircraft, equipped with reactive, hybrid engines.

The futuristic and cybernetic technologies of the Totenkoph army can destroy any target, both in the air and on the ground, but the production of such combat power is an extremely complicated and expensive process.

Greatness and superiority.

1. Ahelants – massive fighters, armed with tesla – rifles and projectiles with electromagnetic resonant bombs.

2. Vimanas – flying, disk-shaped spacecraft, armed with proton laser systems and rapid-fire machine guns.

3. Oblivion – a tank that can teleport and shoot armor-piercing shells, hitting any type of armor.

4. Daminion – the indestructible, cybernetic machine, armed with two heavy Manticore machine guns and jet rockets.

5. Sector-7 – a detachment of soldiers, in the special. armor, camouflage. The division of the gienheis group, with different assault weapons.

6. Order of dark knights – murderers, capable of hitting any target in any conditions. Dark Knights are extremely dangerous and fast.

7. Wajelant – fighter drones, cars, under the control of the onboard pilot, armed with large-caliber. armor-piercing guns and homing missiles.

Totenkopf has unsurpassed leadership and excellence in technology and high-quality weapons, as well as a highly developed army. The weak side of the faction became traitors in the ranks of the Reich, who separated from Totenkopf and created their own faction led by General Viktor Schauberg, who became one of the most important totes in the new global apocalypse.


General Victor Schauberg, a former Gestapo commander in the Nazi Reich and head of the secret occult-mystical organization Ananerbe, engaged in the study and development of non-standard measures of war vision and mind control of soldiers on the battlefield.
Psi-science – Esoterics and Parapsychology.
Bio – science – Genetic engineering and DNA mutations.
Chem. science – Toxins and poisonous Gas.

Scientists of Ananerbe, conducted experiments to create a super soldier mutants, with the ability to regenerate and telekinesis.
Kree made a calculation on the development of bio and genetic engineering, which led to the creation of a whole chain of new ruthless army of genome-modified super soldier telepaths. Armored vehicles are loaded with the unique deadly acidic gas BX-1 and BX-2.
Chemically poisonous gas technology will be a powerful terrifying weapon against the whole world.

Poisonous horror.

– Golim – long-range giant tank, with two large-caliber guns firing explosive gas capsules, at very large distances.

– Mobile armored vehicle – releasing a swarm of genetically modified killer bees on the battlefield.

– The sin eater is a genome-changed soldier with a chainsaw and chemical explosives.

– Berserker is a medium, a telepath capable of capturing opponents with the power of thought.

– The Ripper is a fighter with multi-barreled machine guns and bombs on board.
– Chimera is an armored personnel carrier capable of digging tunnels, directly to the enemys basement underground, while sabotaging at the base.

Cree has a frightening army and the most terrible weapons of mass destruction, which will expose enemies to a terrible fate, infecting and turning people into unconscious monsters without a soul.


Faith in which there is no place for vices, temptation, progress and science. Only worship and spread the true teachings of the church, the cult of fire and blood.
Over the centuries of its existence, the sect has gathered a large commune of novices and adepts, turning them into a fanatical army obsessed by the church.
At the moment when a new war broke out between the Alliance, Tutenoft and Cree Priory, the churches timed these events to the beginning of the Dusk and Dawn of the Cult era, this marked the beginning of the era of new crusades, the truth of the Church of the adepts of blood and fire.
Religiously-minded sectarian fanatics, who turned into an independent community far from civilization and other factions, managed to create an army of novices for many thousands. Despite the fact that cult technology lags far behind other factions, ruthless, insane adepts, priors, shepherds, priests, inquisitors, and many other executioners and novices of the church who are ready to give their lives without hesitation for the sake of the church.
Adepts are armed with axes, chains, clubs, spikes, crossbows with explosive projectiles with acid.
Black magic and medieval alchemy gave novices new abilities and abilities to quickly heal wounded brothers on the battlefield and create different types of creatures and monsters, like a homunculus, capable of tearing people apart, and turning over tanks.
Battle siege technology, made by the cult blacksmiths: tanks with rams and harpoons, nail catapults and explosive projectiles with acid and Greek fire.

The burden of the apocalypse

Apostle – a fighting giant mobile fortress capable of reaching and destroying any goal or building.

Inquisitor – a scarecrow with a machine gun and a bulletproof coffin on his back, able to break through the armor and bones of enemies.

The preacher – a devoted servant of the cult, carrying the word of the church, is armed with a rapid-fire machine gun and grenades in the form of a crucifixion.
– Sisters Anabel are bloody, ruthless priestesses, with axes and pistols.

The cult of fire is one of the craziest and bloodiest factions in the game, units are one of the most powerful resources of the faction. Thanks to fanaticism and madness, each unit is able to fight extremely courageously, and if he suffers a defeat, then just blows up himself and all who are nearby.


A group of people, breaking away from the Alliance and other factions that have united into one united army, with the aim of preventing and stopping the destruction and oppression that the hostile factions carry with them. The former military and scientists of many countries have gone over to the side of the rebels, holding ThomsonТs rifles and machine guns, they will fight for a free world, from oppression and terror.
In the war for freedom, the center of resistance will be massive fortress planes and giant mechanical tanks, ready to crush any enemy.

Invented by brilliant engineers, technology faction, carry a very extensive and diverse military power. Rebel equipment and tanks are equipped with diesel engines and have a very impressive combat potential and speed.
The speed and maneuverability of tanks gives the army an advantage in lightning and inconspicuous raids.

Steel and Wood.

R1 Rhino – a massive giant tank, armed with large-caliber guns, air defense installations and multi-level machine-gun bunkers. This walking fortress is ready to crush, destroy and hit any target in its path.

Air Amazons – a monster plane, under the control of two girls, aviation aces. Having created the largest and most powerful monster plane, they crush enemies, both in the air and on the ground, bringing down a flurry of lead and fire from large-caliber cannons and a dozen mounted machine guns on board a flying tank.
Such a plane is difficult to destroy, and the spirit of the pilots is unshakable.

Death-hunter – fast and maneuverable Tank – M3, carrying an impressive set of weapons and modifications.
One of the most widely used tanks in battle, it is easily restored and moves quickly.

Tank Hunter – Sergei Novikov, the former hero of the imperial army.
Sergey, master of guerilla, hidden war, he can be invisible and fast in any conditions. Alone, sabotage takes place, shoots from two machine guns and uses Molotov incendiary cocktails to spawn armored vehicles.
In a difficult situation, Sergey can call on the help of the “Red Battalion” – brave soldiers and fearless tank division.

The rebels do an excellent job with the assaults of the fronts and enemy bases, using small, detachments of troops, but in large-scale attacks they cannot do without massive technology and additional support.


  Properly distributing the skills and abilities of each character will help you to tilt the balance of forces in your direction.
The game will feature 5 charismatic heroes, with different combat skills and capabilities of each faction.


For example:
Avalon is a unique and mysterious, VAMPIRe-like creature, a legend hero. His true essence is hidden under a dark, black camouflage and gas mask on his face, behind which lies the deepest story of his fate and origin.
Avalon has many abilities, it can teleport, becomes invisible for a while, lift tanks and soldiers into the air by the power of thought, quickly recover from injuries in battle.
Avalon, armed with multi-barrel pistols and a healthy sledgehammer with a pin on the end.

  • However, factions differ not only in heroes, but also in basic units, technologies and levels of development. More than a hundred samples of all sorts of military equipment and aviation, partly based on both World Wars, partly inspired by “steampunk” and “sci-fi“, will be presented to the player in their entire grandiose and horrifying glory. Flying tanks, authentic fighters and bombers, airships and underground drilling rigs equipped with guns, giant “walking” tanks, crushing soldiers like ants, steam armored monsters like the destructive R1Rhino“, long-range howitzers and multi-barrel machine-gun turrets … in general, your inner dictator will be satisfied! And if this is not a huge choice, you will have a function with which you can design a unique tank or armored personnel carrier by installing there at least anti-aircraft guns, even automatic cannons, even a missile system, to carry justice on your own death machine!
  • As for units – then the fantasy is released to the full. Gene-modified clones are ruthless dwarfs armed with flamethrowers. The Nazi fighters, who nourish their unquenchable hatred, fight perfectly well in hand-to-hand combat – for this they have axes – and they shoot well, and are generally capable of standing up for themselves against any enemy. A special detachment of assassinsGargoyles“, trained by the organization Totenkopf, equally owns the art of sword fighting, and shooting from noiseless crossbows, and even heavy fire from heavy machine guns. These ninjas were created for the sole purpose of killing the enemies of the Reich, and they cope with this task perfectly. And all this is just a small part of the variety of fighters that await you in the final release.

New steampunk weapon

weapons that can be customized and

given to one of the heroes