Welcome to the battlefield – Commander

Crush your enemies in online battles and capture enemy bases, territories and cities on the global map of the game. You will advance in the development of the faction, receive experience points and additional resources. Each of your achievements and victories is followed by a unique reward – unlocking and opening new rounds of development of your faction, increasing the combat power of units, new parts for supertank or ammunition for heroes.



  • Reflection Anather War will immerse you in the atmospheric world of man-made fiction, in which eras and styles intertwine.
    The game is filled with colors and contrasts that convey the diversity of the style of the whole game. You immerse yourself in the world of Steampunk, Retro-futurism, Victorianism and Dieselpunk.


Each of the five factions in the RAW has its own unique features and style of play, as well as a wide choice of specialized buildings and combat units heroes and history.



  Properly distributing the skills and abilities of each character will help you to tilt the balance of forces in your direction.
The game will feature 5 charismatic heroes, with different combat skills and capabilities of each faction.


For example:
Avalon is a unique and mysterious, VAMPIRe-like creature, a legend hero. His true essence is hidden under a dark, black camouflage and gas mask on his face, behind which lies the deepest story of his fate and origin.
Avalon has many abilities, it can teleport, becomes invisible for a while, lift tanks and soldiers into the air by the power of thought, quickly recover from injuries in battle.
Avalon, armed with multi-barrel pistols and a healthy sledgehammer with a pin on the end.

  • However, factions differ not only in heroes, but also in basic units, technologies and levels of development. More than a hundred samples of all sorts of military equipment and aviation, partly based on both World Wars, partly inspired by “steampunk” and “sci-fi“, will be presented to the player in their entire grandiose and horrifying glory. Flying tanks, authentic fighters and bombers, airships and underground drilling rigs equipped with guns, giant “walking” tanks, crushing soldiers like ants, steam armored monsters like the destructive R1Rhino“, long-range howitzers and multi-barrel machine-gun turrets … in general, your inner dictator will be satisfied! And if this is not a huge choice, you will have a function with which you can design a unique tank or armored personnel carrier by installing there at least anti-aircraft guns, even automatic cannons, even a missile system, to carry justice on your own death machine!
  • As for units – then the fantasy is released to the full. Gene-modified clones are ruthless dwarfs armed with flamethrowers. The Nazi fighters, who nourish their unquenchable hatred, fight perfectly well in hand-to-hand combat – for this they have axes – and they shoot well, and are generally capable of standing up for themselves against any enemy. A special detachment of assassinsGargoyles“, trained by the organization Totenkopf, equally owns the art of sword fighting, and shooting from noiseless crossbows, and even heavy fire from heavy machine guns. These ninjas were created for the sole purpose of killing the enemies of the Reich, and they cope with this task perfectly. And all this is just a small part of the variety of fighters that await you in the final release.

New steampunk weapon

weapons that can be customized and

given to one of the heroes