In this mini-article, we would like to tell you a story about one of the three previous photoshoots in our studio, and share experiences and impressions. Only with you - and for free

Ok, let’s do this… First of all, we invited a very wonderful person to our studio – Vladimir Gerasimoff, who was a best choice for several characters in our awesome game RAW. He was choosed to the role of special “Z-Hunter group” agent – Isotope. We should explain: this is the elite assault force, that doesn’t know mercy. Zero humanity, got it? Isotopes are genetically modified and improved clones, and the Alliance uses them as expendables – and as deadly “cleaners”.

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Under the plan, we’re going to hold three photoshoots – with this, we could get information about all self-made clothes, which our actors wears.

During the time when Vladimir was making up, I prepared the site for shooting. Unfortunately, we are limited in space, but fortunately not in wit. We had to place at least some of the necessary equipment – and that was hard. First of all, we found blue canvas (or blue screen – later, i’ll tell why we did this). Then we switched on the light – and shined everything, includin’ background. It has allowed us to separate the model from the background without much difficulty. And the front light gave me the chance to create artificial shadows and micro-contrasts. 

The next step is to configure the camera, synchronize all the flashes… and we are ready to go!

Vladimir is dressed up and ready for his role. After some test shots, we started the magic of creation! And the props is in the course (crossbows, flamethrowers, pistols, grenades, chains, hatchets and much more)! All of this was filled with incredible emotions. You know, we are supporters of theatrical atmosphere, and we always wanted to create it in progress. Also, we selected special background music – it helps our actors to be liberated and achieve the desired result without any problems.

After we had finished the first film, we enjoyed amazing coffee and I began to analyze and sort the material.

Let’s go back to our blue screen.

Pay attention to the fact, that our clothes and props (including self-made weapons) doesn’t have a blue color. This is our advantage. The colors are contrasting, and this will help us in future, when we’ll make hard Photoshop work.

After all that magic, where we added the necessary art and other stuff, we got awesome pictures from the scenes of our game. Well, it seems that we’ve managed! And once again convinced ourselves, that we can achieve huge results with only our own efforts. As you advise, mates!

Thank you for your truely interest, and we wish you creative manifestations of your own desires!

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First of all  a little bit of history …

My very important mission – is dragging 3D-designed things into reality. Yeap! And you can hold them in your hands, or even use in shootings! Whoa!

 Having a pretty unique taste and a unusual vision, but lack of resources (like money or even time) and professional experience in creating all this stuff, I’ve had no idea how much it would change my life. It all started for me like an experiment – with a dull plastic make-up, and the creation of a self-made crossbow from a rude piece of wood and some camera details.


All the “trash”, that I’ve collected for a years, we used to create our own library of sounds and special effects. We ordered different hats and glasses from online stores, which served as the basis for future costumes and equipment of our heroes.

We made all the props and costumes from a very primitive material, but in the end, we’ve got very interesting things and details for future work.

“Thrash” and “steampunk” had a really huge impact on me. And now I can say just one thing – you never shouldn’t stop! Just make your dream come true!



After having a long way of thorns, and gained dozens of professions, I’ve managed to find myself a new hobby – I started to create my collection of costumes and various props of all styles.


For now, i have in my collection almost 40 varieties of masks, almost 30 types of costumes and more than 20 types of fake and sham weapons (but it still lookin’ deadly good).

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to replenish my collection, but when I’ll get a chance, I will definitely continue my hobby… And I will create! Create!

Good luck to all of you, mates! And don’t lose yourself in the hard seek of creativity and inspiration!


You know, mates, the most horrible thing for any artist, art-designer or game developer is the lack of necessary stuff to transform our ideas into reality. When your place is not as huge as a football or a hockey stadium, but in your plans – no more than creating a whole post-apocalyptic wasteland, you just have to dodge like under the crossfire for the sake of achieving the goal.

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Anyway, we didn’t blunder before the difficulties – and builded a whole citadel, an indestructible creative stronghold for the making of our supernatural projects. The madness of our plans has paid off with interest by the hard work of our team. We developed images of future units and characters, spent a lot of time tailoring costumes and bringing trivial equipment, like hat-bowlers, similar masks and gas masks, to the level of something more colorful and impressive, something really creative.

Next, like mad scientists or insane tinkerers, we sat down for experiments with 3D photogrammetry – and all for the sake of accurately depicting the details created live, but transferred to the 3D universe. That was like trip to the Moon! For us, the main thing wasn’t to retreat before the difficulties – after all, from any dead end, there is a clever and competent way out, which will only improve the future game. On the fruits of our labors you can admire here – enjoy! And view our latest photos and videos of course!

OK, mates, I would like to tell a little more about the studio itself, and about what we made in the framework of the talented and creative project Woodlime. First of all – about main thing. The studio created as a stronghold of creativity, sharpened to create special effects and record quality, loud and shockingly realistic sounds. Moreover – the sound is exclusive, thanks to a huge base of our audio effects. We also have a small, but well-equipped video base (with everything necessary for working with 3D-technologies and live shooting, etc.) In our workshop, attached to the test base, we create unique costumes and prototypes of deadly weapons, and also impressive scenery, including blue screen.

At the moment, we have almost all (if not all) necessary equipment for the implementation of projects of any level of complexity! We are ready to throw ourselves creative challenges, without fear of failure, loose, and are ready to cope even with the most difficult and costly projects. We didn’t stop before, we don’t stop now, and we’ll never stop ever, because we are Woodlime!

The History of «Funny Magic Bubbles 2»

One cold evening, when a snowstorm was raging outside the window, and hailstones were drumming through the window, my wife just asked – why we shouldn’t be inspired by this truely riot of nature? Replace the hailstones with bubbles, make them multi-colored, like “Skittles”, and begin to blast them on the fly! “It would be fun,” she said… And it has appeared damn right.

Let’s be honest with you – we’ve tried to do unreal thing, having no funding, no any proper experience behind. Also, game projects were not exactly our stuff. But we didn’t give up, didn’t stop before the barriers. Do you remember, that dead ends are taught not to back off, but to break through the walls?..

 And we did one of the coolest game in the genres, like “timekillers” or “arcades”.

 First of all, even before this fateful conversation with my lovely wife, i (with my team, of course) created a whole universe of “Reflection”, filled of incredible and grotesque characters of all stripes. We used a lot of actors, we broke our brains over the hard plot, we created a lot of concepts and prototypes of our heroes. We took ideas from steampunk, space opera, post-apocalyptic, and started to work … Secondly, my enthusiasm became the fuel that allowed the rocket of our creativity fly into space and not tear apart.


From all this abundance, we’ve isolated the skeleton of the future game, taking as a basis the primitive gameplay in the style of “Tower Defense”… you know it, mates. And if in the beginning we’re going to spend on the development of the game only two months (!), soon we set ourselves terms almost to five God damn’ years! All we needed – is idea… Just one idea! And the bubble-invaders spark ignited the flame of the game! Yeah, so similar – and so hard…

 Funny Magic Bubbles 2

What we just didn’t mention in the game… There’s a whole arsenal of magical and super-powerful weapons of all types, and even a calculated trajectory of the falling bubbles, and really huge bosses, and a variety of locations… 



             Funny Magic Bubbles 2

 In the end, they all worked to the glory. To evaluate our works all you need to do – it’s just downloading Bubbles 2 to your phone and fully enjoy of great battle against bubbles!



I can say another one thing for sure – it doesn’t matter which project you want to create. Just make one step. The main thing is to do it not so much for the profit, but for the people who will play it. The rest thing is a dull formality.

          May the Force be with you … I mean, magic keeps you, mates!          


           Small world of Woodlime within one fateful exhibition ..         

 In the article about my biography and the thorny creative path (like long road to Heaven) from a children’s photographer to a game developer, you must have stumbled upon a paragraph about “Cinema Industry”. You’re unlikely to find a logical chain between that exhibition and a special unlikeable style of photography, which has become a constant companion of my current work – but it is… barely noticeable, yet sturdy and ornate.

Now, I want to tell you about this a little more - and I hope you will spare your time, mates!

As befits a real artist, I’ve always tried to take everything in my hands. Props. Shining stars. Actor’s game. Passing the mood to the audience. I didn’t care for the distress, for all the same excitement – I lived these four days, breathed them, like someone, who drowning, trying to catch some oxygen. I arranged contests, gave master classes, and I was ready to pull a smile on my face every time the situation demanded it. Every. Goddamn. Time. I tried on a variety of images – and later this led me to the current creative path.


 Many things happened at that day! We get (with my team) so many experience! We shared our emotions as if bursting us with an explosion! A goddamn firework! Nuclear blast! Chain reaction! And we’re sure, that the splinters caught everyone, who was approaching that day at least a few meters to our entertainment site. Yeap, in this we believe, mates!

  That day was truly insane, but even more insane was our costumes. We presented to the audience a whole bunch of characters – from Indian shamans and stereotyped Mexicans to Charlie Chaplin and even post-apocalyptic dudes! Mad Max forever! Nuclear winter rules!

  And I, like the captain of a long voyage, walked around in the attire of Ostap Bender (famous Russian director) – and, damn it, I didn’t feel such feelings once! It was excitement, it was magic power! It was like knockdown! Having chosen the Pink Panther and Eric Cartman as our talismans, we naturally climbed out of the skin for four crazy days, so that no one would remain indifferent to our creativity.


That fatal exhibition left an indelible mark on my soul, and in my mind. Like an obsessive or a madman, I’ve begun to create unexplored worlds in my photographs – there noir was adjacent to a delusional fiction, there was deadly coolness and at the same time full of life and bright. There was beauty hidden under the shades of all colors, and there was the grandeur of the frame. I was striving for uniqueness – and achieved it. Just check out some sections in my site. Please, explore them – and you’ll find many interesting things.

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  Finally, I’d like to say only one thing: each of us has a creator in his soul. Inner sanctum of truly art.

  He can sculpt ice statues or form indestructible strongholds and castles from the sand.

  He can translate Shakespearean dramas into life or make bloody horror films of all insane genres.

  He can spend hours drawing crimson dawns and coffee-milk sunsets, or embroidering a complex pattern on a designer pullover or blouse.

  The main thing is to find a creator in yourself and challenge your own indecisiveness. Don’t stop at anything, like the bravest and boldest racers in the world. And then, the main prize will be yours.