We create not just sounds and music, we create whole worlds in which the face with reality is erased and you become part of what is happening immersing yourself in the atmosphere of house and harmony. Only by closing our eyes and wearing headphones will we become a part of the world with limitless possibilities in which fantasy will paint and transmit the full depth of electronic sounds intertwined with reality conveying the mood and creativity of the creator 

Sound design of videos and animation, computer games, applications, software, video presentation; noise and music chips for children’s games, sound design sites.



Currently, the production of video advertising, infographics, presentations is a mandatory attribute in the work of any serious company. These materials are widely used for promotion of products through the media, and for demonstrations at exhibitions, symposia, seminars and conferences. In addition, a variety of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets demonstrate a powerful development leap. Games are a vivid example.



Aquality product in this market brings a huge profit, so the creators do not save on voice acting. Good sound in the game, well-chosen voices of the actors make the game really attractive. Sound design occupies a very important place in commercial products.

The process of creating a sound steampunk tank movement

 Today we will tell and show how we create sounds for our future game Reflection another war (RAW) by the example of the movement of caterpillar steampunk tank.

The scheme for creating a realistic sound of steampunk tank caterpillars is extremely simple, the main thing is to have a clear representation of the final result and to have a visualized reference of the tank itself, this will help you to more broadly imagine how the sound will interact with the object itself. Well, if you have video or 3d animation, then the creative process will become much more voluminous and will expand the possibilities in integrating the sound.

So, our task is to create a sound effect that will be similar to the sound of a caterpillar tank. And you need to create it in such a way that the steampunk stylist is saved.

  • 1) Take our cunningly made noise of a hand drill with a nozzle-perzemalko. I think this “mechanism” most organically fit into the texture of the effect of this sound. From a huge recorded source, we need only a few of the most successful seconds.
  • 2) We make a loop from it so that when playing it again, there are no obvious junctions.
  • 3) From the effects we impose on him Pitcher. It is necessary to lower the tonality. All by ear.
  • 4) Add one more Pitcher to it. The first was not enough.
  • 5) The next stage is equalization. We remove the middle frequencies and add medium-high.
  • 6) We need another noise. And why not use the sound of a metal knock. I do not remember what it was. In my opinion, just some iron stick in his right hand and another iron stick in his left hand.
  • 7) We accelerate, as if I knock very quickly. We perform the same manipulations as with the first sound.
  • 8) We adjust everything under one knock. It is very important.
  • 9) Now you need to add a deep and bassy sound to the pistons of the tank. We’ll do this with a Gladiator synthesizer. Only a few add-ons and the desired result is already heard.
  • 10) Also on it we add an equalizer to select the bottom and to overstate the mid-high frequencies.
  • 11) Hmm, something is missing. Something really textured. Fortunately I had an already recorded once the sound of a gasoline lawnmower. Just it we will use.
  • 12) It seems you need to extend the sound wave to get the effect that the engine piston is working at lower revs, or on a more powerful technique.
  • 13) We add to it immediately Pitcher and conduct manipulations with it.
  • 14) Done. There is not enough power. We add the sound of a huge tractor. I remember I managed to record it accidentally. Do not even ask when and where.
  • 15)We multiply, extend and add the Pitcher to one of the tracks.
  • 16) Done, but not really. Something is missing. Maybe the depth? Here I combined all the sounds of the engine and added to the group of sounds, first – again Pitcher, and secondly – the effect of Tremolo, to give the sound of the engine of our future tank the rotational speed of the pistons.
  • 17) Next, we put the equalizer on the same group. We try everything.
  • 18) Oh. Forgot to survive.
  • 19) The sound is already more or less like a tank. However, I did not have enough blows on the sound of the imaginary caterpillar. This is solved simply. Need a Transient Shaper. It will set the initial volume to each beat.
  • 20) After painful tests, you need to add, perhaps, Distortion to the caterpillar. Staged, tried, liked. Further all by ear.
  • 21) Sound add-on by volume of each track.
  • 22) Mastering. Set the master track volume -3 db in the limiter Elephant and add a few more effects.
  • 21)Done, you can bet on the Render. Our sound is ready for use.

I would like to express my gratitude to our friend and professional musician Vyacheslav Korystov for his participation and assistance in our not easy, but beloved business!   

 The process of creating a sound 

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When I look at this world, I see only a reflection of the burning earth covered with ashes, blood, chaos. Traces of shells under the legs of steel legions. Sky covered with smoke and soot. Black and Red phantom battalions decapitate the rulers and burn cities. The imposed philosophy of the false prophets dictates the order of things us turning us into slaves. Ancient poisons and another’s religion sweep through time and centuries spread like a plague. Tyrants and traitors will inflame a new merciless slaughter. Heroes, Tanks, airplanes and battlegrounds will mercilessly destroy each other by bringing down a barrage of fire and lead on enemies. And a new ancient all-consuming enemy will burst into our world from the depths of the universe. Where we come from and why we are here. Soon very soon, in reflection, we shall see the truth of our past and future. The truth is a completely different war. In which we have to fight. Commander save us all.

A bit of behind-the-scenes footage and our video blogs.
Here you can see footage from the shooting clips of short films commercials and many other interesting things.

Bubble Trouble Challenge your friends and train your reaction ​

There is not only fun and dynamics

Multiplayer dynamic arcade game on Android and IOS platform


The project is in early development.

AThere is not only fun and dynamicsll that is required of the player is to burst the falling bubbles. Some are stuffed with gold, others are diamonds, others do not promise anything good. Just poke in the screen and burst, shovel, shovel! Under fascinating music, under colorful design, and with a whole set of upgrades! You will not only get an excellent discharge after exhausting hours at work, but you will be able to score your time in lines or waiting – after all, “Bubbles” are created only to entertain you, give you a mood and not put pressure on your brain! There are many similar games, but still “Bubbles” is one – and not only due to the diversity and sometimes unique design, but because of its ingenious simplicity! And if we add to this the fascination of the game process, which draws a lot of bubbles on the screen, it becomes clear why we are so keen to continue this project.

Bubble Trouble – Like her older brother will be absolutely free in all its senses! in the game there will be no paid content for real money. We try to create conditions for all our games as comfortable as possible and exclude all the irritating factors inside the game. Therefore, our projects are so tight in terms of time we pay a lot of time and attention to testing and processing many details and systems making the game as comfortable as possible for the game. 

The project is at the stage of analysis and seach for investments.


Save the Earth from the invasion and tyranny of the imperial cyborg army, revealing a conspiracy and mystery, mysterious characters in a fantasy world – Avilus.


If you are a fan of Steampunk style and like atmospheric, dynamic 2d games with crafting and RPG elements, then Steame aero war – you will definitely like it.


“Steam aero war”

is an exciting hardcore air fight, with multiplayer and various gameplay.

Rush to the battlefield and fire at enemies, push, blast and shred them into pieces. Get resources for new improvements and crafting your base.

Become a hero, which will be legends! Or become a mercenary and a pirate thirsting for revenge and wealth!
The choice is always yours!

  Welcome aboard – commander!  


 So in the game you will be waiting for:

-Dynamic flights on airships and exciting air and ground battles.

-Investigation of the bright and atmospheric world of the game.

-Non-linear plot of the game with different missions and locations.

-The development and modernization of its own base!



-System customization and crafting.

-Different types and classes of combat airships.

-A large selection of a diverse arsenal: retro futuristic cannons, turrets, launchers, energy guns, machine guns.
-Multiplayer battles PVP.

– Bright graphics and powerful special effects with cool physics.


addition to fierce firefights and volleys of turrets at short distances, you have to destroy enemies and at long distances, using special long-range artillery shells, thanks to which you will destroy targets with precise hits.

The gameplay will constantly add new game sensations and opportunities, changing the dynamics of the game from the furious flights and shootings and performing combat raids and missions simultaneously fighting air, land and water enemies – up to performing various kinds of stealth exports to the occupied territories.

To effectively attack enemy bases and fend off enemy soldiers, withstanding massive attacks on the airship, you need to improve not only your base and weapons, but also enhance the performance of your combat airships, installing additional scolding, and auxiliary protective elements..



The game takes place in an alternative world where chaos and anarchy reigns.

You are a surviving young commander of combat airships that flocked to the service of one of the defeated inventors and engineers.

Virtually the entire faction was destroyed by a powerful and mysterious army of cyborgs, which took control of three large regions. You have to take revenge for your faction and fallen friends, learn the secrets of the origin of the enemy invaders and find allies who will help you in the fight.
You have to win three continents and enter into an unequal battle with three types of troops. On each continent, you have to destroy the enemy army and complete a number of missions and tasks, simultaneously destroying all enemies in your path, and then fight with each of the commanders who lead the army.
To defeat the new army, you have to learn new approaches and tactics in battles, combining different types of weapons and specials. airship abilities… 


Fighting and destroying the enemy in battle, you get combat experience points that will increase your combat level.
With each new level, your base will change, as well as new types of weapons and airships will be added.ts..


Storm, blast, destroy, collect loot, improve your airship and upgrade the base, installing new installations and machines.

Complete challenging missions and increase your rank.Get new achievements and challenge your friends in multi-battle battles.

Complete missions and side quests in new tactical game modes.


Prepare your airship for battle!
At the base, you will be able to install energy generators and machines for the production of powerful ammunition for large-caliber guns and turrets.

In “Steame aero war”, you will not only have to fight and engage in Kraft and upgrade. You also have to complete quests and missions, like rescue survivors, stealth missions,

fly unnoticed to the enemy base and lay explosives or fight the enemy at a long distance using long-range projectiles.

Want a more powerful engine? Improved gun? Armor heavier? Fine!

Customize your flying tank as you like in your hangar…. 


Destroy enemy ships with a volley, from long distances, using onboard artillery guns and turrets.

Fight and win melee, making maneuvers and turns on jet airships or airplanes.


“Steam aero war”

is the first game of its kind, in which many different gameplay mechanics will be combined. And all this, made in a beautiful atmospheric style!


Support the project at an early stage and get bonuses